About Us

Humble beginnings domain expertise, focused efforts, nurtured dreams and today, a global reach. Balaji Mariline, founded by dedicated entrepreneurs in the year 1989,has transformed itself in just under two decades from a small outfit into a well networked organization specializing in international freight forwarding.

Today, Balaji Mariline has emerged as a name to reckon with in this industry and the service it offer across the industry has set high standard. Balaji Mariline has strategically established operations across India covering many important cities and all the metro centres.

With the Headquarters located at the Hear of India in New Delhi, we have a fully-fledged regional office in Chennai with other offices in Mumbai,Banglore,Tuticorin,Sricity,Kanpur,Amritsar,Cochin,Hyderabad,Ludhiana,Jalandhar,Bhadhoiand Pune. Our operations cover more than 90 countries through alliances,agents and representatives.